A solo exhibition that sold out
“The Underwater series” by Leda Theo

The three reasons why the event was a big success.

Gathering: I stood there at the entrance when the exhibition hall doors opened. The table behind me serving cheese and wine was all ready, the waitress was waiting, when I saw a fine dressed lady, I thought I recognized from somewhere, coming towards me. Half an hour later the art gallery was filled with old friends, new friends and people l just met, eager for new experiences. The exhibition was an opportunity for like-minded personalities to get together; for eyes to meet and thoughts to find a breathing space.

Speech: The government spokesman Mr. Nikos Christodoulides opened the event with a formal speech. He spoke about the importance of art in the community and its meaning in our lives. The paintings were hanging on the wall under the spotlights, all were in silence, the room was full. By sharing my feelings for art and reading quotes for each oil painting, the conversation began.

Convention and creativity: Eyes were meeting, hearts were beating, dialogues were emerging over how a reminder of ones personal emotional state, can become motivation for growth; how art can transform our lives. Thoughts were expressed and written down, ideas were shared and creative collaborations gave a sparkling glimpse of the future.

How to buy art online?

The truth is that half of the paintings for sale were purchased at the actual art exhibition. The rest were pre-booked online the week before and after the event, through the online art gallery, from the members of the VIP mailing list.

The event turned out to be a sophisticated party, with much to be gained by all of us. But most of the activity took place online. The artistic dialogue continued during the following days and the members of the VIP list had the privilege to buy paintings on an earlier date by viewing the paintings online, even if they couldn’t attend the event.

For future events and new art for sale stay in touch!

I include the link for entering the VIP list