1. How to buy?
By visiting the website’s gallery and clicking on the painting you are interested in, you will land on the cart page. For paintings that are available a “buy” button will appear on the right corner along with Information, a description and more photos. If the painting is not available, a “sold” label will appear on the image.
If you have any questions about a painting you can always email me at art@ledatheo.com

2. How to pay?
Two paying methods are available. Via PayPal and ibank bank transfer.

3. Free shipping
Worldwide free shipping for all artwork is available. You will receive your order fully packed in a tube. For framing, building the support bars and stretching the canvas as well as for placement you will have to get in touch with your local framer.

4. Shipping cost
Free shipping is available only for un-stretched paintings, rolled up and fully packaged in a tube. For the “Ready to hang” option an additional shipping cost will be added to the original painting price, depending on the painting’s size and the final destination. Artwork larger than 50 inches is sent un-stretched and rolled safely in a sturdy tube.

Please contact me at art@ledatheo.com
“Ready to hang” contains: Hand-stretched canvas on a custom made interior wooden support frame, with a hanging wire and side painted. Fully packed.

Shipping costs cover fees, packaging supplies, time, labor, and storage.

5. Tracking number
With every shipment, a tracking number will be given. Upon payment, I will send you an email containing the postage receipt, so you know that your order has been sent, as well as the tracking number with which you can find out where your package actually is at any time. Be aware that tracking is some times unreliable with international shipments. That being said, I mail packages internationally all the time, with great success overall!

6. Taxes & custom fees
I am based in the European Union. For E.U countries there will be NO extra charges.
Border fees, duties, and handling fees may be charged by other countries for international packages.

7. Refunds & Returns
Every order and sale is handled with care and with as much clarity and transparency as possible. My goal is for you to be excited with your purchase! Because of this, all sales are final, except in certain situations. Please take the time to read descriptions carefully and check colors on multiple screens if you are concerned about color variations. Colors and tones are represented with honesty and clarity. email art@ledatheo.com

8. Commissions
Every collection is a mental and cognitional challenge, aiming at quality, evolvement and growth.
Any requirements outside this creative pattern can not be met.

9. Mediums & Quality
Both acrylic and oil paint are used separately. Different paint brands have variations in color and texture. As long as the brand is a high quality brand, then the pigments are picked based on the color of choice. Canvasses used are always un-primed. I pick the fabric myself, cotton or linen, and I hand stretch it. Un-primed fabric stretches much better. This way I also make sure that no damage on the priming occurs during stretching. Stretched fabric is sized and primed differently for oil based materials or acrylic. This way l make sure that all materials are compatible, and so the painting never gets any material flaws.

10. Packaging
All artwork is wrapped in paper, padded extremely well and sent in a well fitting sturdy cardboard box. For artwork smaller than 50 inches the ready to hang option is available (see 4: shipping cost) which contains: The painting stretched on an interior wooden support frame, wrapped in paper followed by bubble wrap. Four cardboard cups for the corners, double wrapped on its large sides and placed in a cardboard box. Artwork larger than 50 inches is sent un-stretched, rolled safely and padded in a sturdy cardboard tube.

11. Availability
You can find my paintings mainly on my website, Instagram and Facebook. If you need any information for any one of the paintings, as well as if they are available for purchase or display, send me a direct message and I will answer all of your questions ASAP.
– you can send me a message via social media,
– comment on a picture,
– email me at art@ledatheo.com
– complete the contact form on my website,
– or find info as well as the option to buy, in the “painting” section on my website.
All you need is to click on the painting you are interested in!

Only members of the VIP newsletter have access to the new collection that is available only for them for limited time before it is released.
You can join the VIP list for free HERE

12. Where can you actually see my artwork?
Studio visit.
I am located in Nicosia- Cyprus. The golden leaf of the Mediterranean sea. So you can always visit my studio and see any work in progress or any available paintings by making an Appointment here art@ledatheo.com

Some paintings are out for display and/or sale at different galleries around the world. Scroll down in the “about” page to find out where you can find those paintings. They might be close to you! For info or collaborations email me at art@ledatheo.com

13. Collaborations.
You can find images and stories of collaborations by scrolling down in the “about” page. I love working with designers, bloggers, editors, and writers. I am always looking for mind blowing ideas and aim to work with any kind of creatives. Seminars, workshops, events and any form of social interaction that creates a meaningful impact to all parties. Please share ideas and act on them. Contact at art@ledatheo.com

14. How many art collections are released every year?
One main art collection is released every year, focusing on a main concept. Aiming to achieve a goal. Revolving over a specific theme, repeating, reversing, evolving. The number of paintings differs depending on the size, the work that has been put in, and the overall concept. It is possible that a second, smaller collection could be available, so look for it on my blog and newsletter!

15. How to see new paintings before they are released?
Paintings are released as collections at a given date. Before the launching date you can find previews, making of, blogposts and stories on social media and on my website.

Only members of the VIP mailing list:
– are personally informed about all the launching information ahead of time
– have access to the new collection that will be available only for them for limited time before it is released.
– they can book a viewing,
– and even reserve a painting.
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