About Leda Theo

I’m fascinated by life itself.

By the way we get lost in the moment, in nature, 

living for a purpose bigger than ourselves.

The essence of my work is to connect with something greater than me.

To feel the mystery, the seduction, the subjection. 

For me, feeling the freedom of creation is everything.

I challenge myself, push myself to the unknown, take risks and reach beyond my comfort zone.


Born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus,

I could only seek to find myself in the stunning light, the salty breeze or the red evening sky, 

only to find out that through my paintings, I was composing color patterns that brought out all the elements that could fulfill me.

By experiencing nature in all of it’s expressions,

I was intrigued to recreate those moments in my art.


Living and studying Fine Arts in the Aegean islands for seven years, traveling,

connecting and exploring life in its rawest forms, was a catalyst for my growth as an artist.

Finding expressions of beauty in abundance, always overcoming the harsh reality.

I learned how to dare, how to become bold

and to underline that we deserve to be happy.

Art is my reminder of the beautiful side of life, keeps me optimistic, grateful

and full of hope.


I create art that is sincere to my beliefs, and mirrors my personality.

Capturing every moment of happiness, celebrating all those wonderful human feelings

that are turned into art so that they never get lost in time.


My name is Leda Theo, and I’m a contemporary painter.



Creating emotional intimacy through light and color.


Personal narratives intertwined with joy or sadness.

Fused emotions and memories,

expressing the subconscious self through past experiences,

in an attempt to recognize the present moment.

The one thing we all have in common,

is the capacity to feel all those emotions.



Is not gallery 2010 group – exhibition

Apocalypse Gallery 2013 – group exhibition 

Solo exhibition Hilton Cyprus 2017

Solo show “the Gym Concept” Gallery 2018

dac Concepts Gallery – Miami Art Week 2018 – group exhibition




city.com.cy – city free press


1340 art magazine 2018/ Q4 – Printed and online art magazine 


Personal photos and artistic process…


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