If we must struggle in life, then we better love every moment of it.
So I am walking on a journey of a thousand steps to catch my dream.

I am Leda and I’m an artist.
I paint in color images of beauty so we always know that ahead of every journey there is a better life.

I’m drawn to experiment with color combinations and create contemporary paintings inspired by nature.

Matching my favorite colors despite logic and relying only on my deep down feelings.
This is how I can present to you artwork that defies our world and opens up a door to a fairy tale.

Daring to underline that we deserve to be happy.
A reminder of the beautiful side of life, keeps us optimistic, grateful and full of hope.

Strengthening the part of us that is capable of creating miracles.
We should do that, and make our world a better place.


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Apocalypse Gallery

Solo exhibition Hilton Cyprus


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