Art Exhibition “AROMA”

The opening. 10/5/18

I was planning this exhibition for a year now.

The venue was my favorite part. A garden.

A small courtyard in an old traditional Cypriot house at “the Gym Concept”.

This was my first complete series of floral oil paintings inspired by my homeland’s nature.

I always was a traveler By car, by boat, by train. I loved living with the locals. Observing new cultures. Seeking new knowledge. I never really thought of my home as a source of inspiration, nor as a place to observe. It seemed so common to me, that I took it’s unique beauty for granted.

I already had started painting some floral oil paintings a year ago when it struck me.

I was for the first time inspired to create images of my homeland’s nature.

Being born on an island, I’m more responsive to strong colors, my point of view is filled with light and aromas, so it now became clear to me that when I was abroad I admired cultures that expanded my own sense of culture. I searched for the light that reminded me of my home, I loved the aromas that brought me back to my roots.

That is what the exhibition “AROMA” is all about.

A homecoming, Light and Truth.

-With Maria Loizidou at the opening speech-

The Event!

We sat at the “Gym’s” Gallery table with my guest Maria Loizidou, a well renowned and respected visual Artist in Cyprus and abroad.

She was going to make a speech later that evening, so we were having a conversation about art and my work.

An hour later “the Gym’s” courtyard and gallery was filled with people. Maria Loizidou opened the event with a friendly speech and a glass of wine.

We talked about “Light and Truth” in art.

I was so happy to accept her kind words as well as the observations from people of the art world.

View the paintings on-line! 

The floral collection of oil paintings, was exhibited to the public for the first time, so I was eager to hear what others had to say.

Most of the art pieces were sold that night, but some paintings are still available.

Take a look at the “AROMA” catalog HERE


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Special thanks to everyone who supported me and believed in my work.

Dreams don’t just come true on their own.

They require hard work and sacrifices, so I’m grateful for every single one of you who made me carry on!  

Yours only

-later that night, creating conversation-

-“AROMA” Floral exhibition in the galleries courtyard-

-with Lara Dunda after the opening speach-

-discussing color combinations with collector Mary Chamatsou-