How to become an art collector

Why collect art?

The three reasons why we buy art.

 1:Choose to collect art to complement your home decor.

2:Choose to collect art to carry on your legacy.

3:Choose to collect art for historical reasons. Aiming to represent and reflect a certain aesthetic / time frame / region.




Have high expectations for your collection.

Aim to upgrade the value of your whole collection with each piece you buy. Adding to its variety and quality.


Build your collection as if you’re building your legacy.

If your collection is one day presented in a museum, it has to embody your personality as a collector and represent your name in your absence.

Find your own voice in the process of collecting. Tell a story about yourself, create an impression of you within the work you collect.

It’s important to wholly identify with and love the work you buy.


Visit art fairs, galleries, search for work that is for sale.

Ask for advice and support. Hire an art advisor or interior decorator, talk to gallery owners.

Find out the current trends or seek for advice on how to create your own style.


Learn how to recognize good quality artwork and how to evaluate it by educating yourself.  Read books and articles, art critiques, talk to art experts and art lovers, artists and art collectors.

Gather as much information you possibly can before you start forming your own opinions.



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