What is the exhibition "AROMA"?

The “AROMA” Event and Exhibition will open it’s doors in a few days.

If you were wondering what the surprise events are, then you are at the right place!!

1. Art Exhibition “AROMA”

10-12 of May at “The Gym Concept” Onasagorou 87-89
“AROMA” is my latest collection of floral oil paintings that I have been working on for the past months.
The paintings you have been seeing in my recent photos and videos, will be exhibited at the Gym’s courtyard and Gallery and will now be available for purchase.

Thursday 10/5/18 7:00 pm
with Guest: Maria Loizidiou

2.”In Gallery Conversation”

What is an “In Gallery Conversation”
Its an event that will be taking place within the Art Exhibition Aroma
We will be gathering on May 11th at 7:00 pm in the exhibition hall with speaker, Art advisor Lia Ellinas Tornaritis. Together,

we will have a conversation about   “The Art of Art Collecting” followed by Q&A

Free Entrance
We will be having wine.
11/5/18 at 7:00 pm at “the Gym Concept”

PS: If you cannot attend, stay tuned, perhaps we will have a video replay. No promises.

3.Live painting!

During the day time I will be working on the last unfinished painting of the “AROMA” collection.
If you are in the area stop by for a coffee and chat!
11-12/5/18 at the Gym’s Courtyard.


For the first time, and after many requests, I will be releasing my first series of prints on canvas, stretched on a frame, signed and numbered.
I have been working on these designs for years, but they were never published.
The “AROMA” prints are an edition of four designs of five copies each.

Receive the look book in your email to see the “AROMA” collection and the print designs.

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