“The Art of Art collecting”

"In Gallery Conversation"

"The Art of Art Collecting"

How to buy art and become an Art Collector

An “In Gallery conversation” by Leda Theo
Talking about “The Art of Art collecting” with speaker Lia Ellinas Tornaritis

The story

What if a gallery space was a space for creating conversation?

For value to be given and ideas to be formed?

May 11, 2018 the art collection “AROMA” was presented to the public at “the gym concept” gallery and courtyard.

That evening we sat with my guest Lia Ellinas Tornaritis at the courtyard’s high table.


Mrs Tornaritis is a well known art consultant for the past 28 years.

She organized several solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Greece, Cyprus and has excellent relationships with great artists such as Tsoklis, Mytaras etc

Lia has an “eye” for emerging artists, recognizes quality artwork, knows how to evaluate and judge paintings.

She is one of the very few Greek women to be registered at the “International Diary of Art”


What is it?

An “In Gallery Conversation” is an event held at the art exhibition’s hall.

The event began with a speech over the subject of “The Art of Art collecting” followed by a q&a


The goal is to add value to the art community, by sharing valuable information from an expert in the field like Lia Ellinas Tornaritis.

Like minded personalities that are eager to learn and are seeking for new experiences are gathered to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Read the content of the speech here!


The three reasons why we collect art.
The four steps of how to become an Art Collector.

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